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Pay-and-play with Dungeons and Dragons, and other updates

Getting paid to run Dungeons & Dragons games! It is a thing, and it is growing fast in Singapore. I love that storytellers and community organisers are being valued in this way, but I also wonder about this shift from hobby to business, and about the understanding of what a Dungeon Master’s skills are (as rule-enforcer, shared-space-maker, world-builder, keeper-of-secrets, and softcore mathematician).

In case you missed the first link above, I talked to professional DMs from Tinker Tales Studios and TableMinis, as well as Melvyn Sin, a freelance DM, here. We discussed safe spaces, the terrors of improv, and D&D for kids, among a thousand other things I wasn’t able to put into the piece but which I hope to transcribe and publish on the internet sometime soon.

(Issuing a hopeful call into the wild right now for a professional female DM in Singapore to reach out to me!)

In other news, I bought a Dungeon Meowster shirt that I will not stop wearing. Also, recently, I:

  • Have been working on my upgrade proposal and my ethics applications
  • Am playing Ghosts of Saltmarsh AND Descent into Avernus AND my home campaign
  • Am regretting playing a Warlock, because two spell slots is just so… few… spell slots
  • Got vaccinated! (Halfway)
  • Have been thinking a lot about D&D as a space to practise risk-taking and as an arena for children to learn social skills
  • Am trying to make this remote PhD stuff work with WhatsApp chats and Google Drives and missing in-person sociality

Come talk to me on Twitter @KellynnWee or Instagram @braided or email me (kellynn.wee [at] gmail [dot] com) if you have any interest in collaborating or also if you want to discuss favourite D&D classes or recommend good one-shots to run as a DM.